School Canteen on each Friday

Once a week, on a Friday students will be able to order their lunch from school. We have a wonderful group of enthusiastic volunteers who will be preparing the lunches.


Each order needs to be written out on a paper bag that is large enough to fit the food in (brown paper lunch bag packs: 20cm x 25cm, can be bought from the supermarket). Please make sure that the following information is clearly written on the front:

Student’s name, Grade (e.g. 4/5 D), food requested with prices and the final total. Please put the money inside the paper bag, preferably in an envelope or wrapped up. It also makes it much easier for our workers if the exact money, or close to the exact money is given. Any change will be taped to the lunch order bag. Please, no large notes, such as $20. Students will put their lunch order in their classroom’s lunch order tub at 9am, Friday morning.


Please note that while we will endeavour to fill all orders, there may occasionally be times when your child receives the alternative choice on the menu. Our workers have to order in advance and will always try to have extra serves available.


2019 Menu


Hot Dogs $3
Large Pie $3
Large Sausage Roll $3
Ham & Pineapple Pizza $3

Chocolate or Strawberry milk - $2.50

Apple Juice - $2.50




Tomato & BBQ Sauce are sent to classrooms with orders.

Paper Bags 20 Cents!