In December 2020, our school suffered a devastating fire which destroyed 80% of our buildings.  The Victorian State Government have committed to the rebuild of the school and have provided temporary buildings for us to continue operating from in the interim.   


Affectionally labelled, ‘The Village’, our temporary school consists of 8 large demountable buildings clustered around a central outdoor space. These demountable buildings house 8 classrooms as well as an administration office, a staff room, a library, an Art room, and a tutoring room.  The demountable buildings are well equipped with heating and cooling, and we have installed interactive screens in each of the classrooms. 





















The Village is located adjacent to our previous site, which allows us to continue to utilise old school facilities such as our school playground and amphitheatre, which were unaffected by the fire. Luckily our most modern building, the Pitman-Coffey Centre (or PC Centre), which has 2 large modern classrooms, a multi-purpose area and an industrial kitchen was also unaffected by the fire. The PC centre is currently used for our 5-6 classes and to hold whole school assemblies.


Our New School

Our new school is currently in the rebuilding process with an expected completion date of January 2023. Follow the link below to see details of the project and some illustrations of what our new school will look like.