Student Representative Council

Each classroom has a representative student on the Council.  Representatives are elected by their classmates, so it is quite an honour to be selected.  Some of the very young classes also have an older student represent their   interests.


Ideas and suggestions from the SRC are taken to the adult School Council meetings for support.  As a student, it is your chance to have a ‘voice’ in the school.


Annually the SRC members attend a School Council meeting and have the opportunity to address the School Council.


SRC responsibilities include: 

  • Fundraising
  • Being an outstanding role model to all students
  • Identifying areas in need of repair, attention or beautification
  • Creating and leading lunchtime activities
  • Providing a forum to present student ideas

Our SRC Leaders for 2022 are:



Milli M and Ruth R.

Our SRC representatives for 2022 are: