Camps and Excursions

Camps are held annually for students from Years 2-6 and some camps require assistance from parents (supervision, catering etc).  The camp program is not a “holiday” for children it provides an opportunity for our students to explore new environments, and supports the language, physical education, personal development and integrated studies programs. Preparation and follow-up work, as well as the camp itself, are important parts of the education curriculum.


The following camps are usually held each year:

  • Foundation -Year1students will participate in a minor camping experience at a school ‘late stay’.
  • Year 2 students will have an overnight camp in the school grounds called a ‘stay over’.
  • Years 3/4 students have a 2 night camp to eaither (alternate each year): Sovereign Hill, Ballarat which gives them a gold rush and pioneering education experience and Anglesea wich provides a beach experience.
  • Years 5/6 students will attend a 2 night camp to either Phillip Island or Urban Camp in Melbourne. This will give them a beach and outdoor education experience and a city camp experience. 
  • Many Years 5/6 students will also be involved in a 4 Day Bike Ride along the Great Victorian Bike Trail.

A number of excursions usually occur during the year and are topic based.