Reporting to Parents

To give parents the very best opportunity to be involved with their child’s education, we conduct formal Parent/Teacher Sharing throughout the year and send home Student Reports. Puckapunyal Primary School uses student reports and formal interviews to report student progress in a useful and comprehensive manner. At any stage of the year, parents and teachers may request an interview to raise a concern and we encourage close links between families & School as we strive to work together to achieve the best outcomes.


Parent/Teacher Sharing


Last week of Term 2

End of Year (if requested)


Student Reports

End of Term 2

End of Term 4

About Reports…

 At Puckapunyal P.S, assessment and reporting procedures are consistent with the guidelines outlined by the Department of Education. 


Student Report cards provide parents with clear, comprehensive and consistent information about their child’s progress in Year Prep to Year 10, as well as suggestions on how to best support their child’s learning.


During the evaluation process, information about children is gathered from testing programs, anecdotal records, informal observation and parent/teacher interviews.


It must be remembered that throughout their school lives children of approximately the same age will vary greatly in achievement. This occurs because of individual differences in intellectual, physical, emotional and social maturity. Consequently, teachers do not expect all children in their class to attain the same scholastic levels, but rather that they work positively and energetically towards the highest standard of which they are capable, doing their personal best! –‘Striving for Excellence’ (school motto). These reports will grade all students with rating codes compared to Department expectations.



In government schools from prep to year 10, the report will show your child's progress on the Victorian Curriculum F-10. This includes:

  • where your child is on the learning continuum (the levels used to measure learning)
  • how they're progressing to meet the next level of achievement
  • where they need to improve and what the next steps are.