Newsletters and Notices

Our newsletter is called Wednesday Notes’ and is our direct weekly contact with our community. To keep families aware and prepared for coming school events, we send home the newsletter and any notices when necessary. The eldest child in the family has the responsibility of taking home such notices. The newsletter is also sent to families through email.

Parents are requested to read these carefully, and promptly return any slips. Wednesday Notes are normally sent home every Wednesday.  As we move with technological change, we are moving to an e-newsletter so that all families' receive their newsletter by e-mail. This is a more efficient process  and reduces our printing & publishing costs.



2021 Term 3


14th July - Term 3 Issue 1


2021 Term 2

16th June - Term 2 Issue 9

9th June - Term 2 Issue 8

2nd June - Term 2 Issue 7

26th May- Term 2 Issue 6

19th May - Term 2 Issue 5

12th May - Term 2 Issue 4

5th May - Term 2 Issue 3

28th April - Term 2 Issue 2

21st April - Term 1 Issue 1