School Fees

Fees are due at the beginning of the year and are payable by by EFT or cash cash, cheque or card at the office or online banking (see below)


Essential Learning Item Fees


Stationary feesEssential Learning Item Fees are mandatory fees where families receive an invoice.  This can be paid immediately or through the year in payments.


Each child will be fully supplied with stationery, i.e. all books, paper, pencils, textas, glue, etc. at the beginning of the year and throughout the year when necessary. This ensures materials supplied are of a uniform nature and that books are the correct line and page requirements. Additionally, all students are then ready to launch into the academic year from day 1 when all students are issued with the same type of classroom materials, at the same time. Families have indicated that they appreciate stationery being supplied by the school.


The students will be given access to  the latest computer software/hardware and the required digital subscriptions throughout the year.


Years 3-6 students will be involved in an intensive ‘Swimming Program’ at the local Puckapunyal Area Swimming Pool.

The school organises two visiting artists during the year which reflect the programs offered in classrooms.  These occur at different times of the year and involve various genres.


Essential LEarning Items Fee  $150


Includes: All classroom Stationery/Books and consumables, digital subscriptions, Headphones and Visiting Artists


Voluntary Contributions


These are not mandatory and we cannot force anyone to contribute. However, the reality is that government schools cannot function as effectively without them. All government schools depend on the voluntary contributions to pay for a variety of school programs and budget for them accordingly.


Voluntary Contributions

$50 per family (or an amount you nominate)


Includes: Library Reading Materials, Classroom Reading Materials, Physical Education Equipment, Art Materials, Computer Software/Hardware, Photocopy Paper





Accounts can be paid by cash or EFT direcly to the school office, or you may also wish to pay via online banking.

Payment can be made to:

Puckapunyal Primary School Offical Account

BSB: 833 205 (Defence Bank, Puckapunyal)

Acc: 20719738 

For reference please use: Students name or Family name