Puckapunyal PS is now on Facebook!!


We have great pleasure in announcing that Puckapunyal Primary School has its own Facebook page. We’re excited but cautious.


We’re very excited about implementing one of the most powerful communication devices since the telephone and moving forward with the way we connect with our community. Research tells us that 70% of all Australians between the ages of 15 to 65 are using Facebook. We also see that in excess of 80% of Facebook users log in everyday. Placing our school communications in a space where our community goes to often makes a lot of sense. We’re also very keen to open up communications and use Facebook’s ability to allow for comments, and if you ‘like’ what we post, we’d love you to give us the Facebook thumbs up too.


We are though a bit nervous and we seek your support to make this a positive experience for all our community. We will be implementing a number of controls typically used by other organisations; these controls mean the page will not be as open as say the way a teenager may use Facebook. Even with controls, it does rely on all those using the page to do so in a tone and spirit that helps us to build a strong and connected school community. We do want to be good social media role models for our children.


For anyone wishing to use our Facebook page, the best way to receive the updates is to visit our Facebook page and press the thumbs up ‘Like’ button. This way when we post updates, you’ll receive them in your page – easy. This action will also allow you to comment and ‘like’ our posts.


Our Facebook trial will run for around 2 to 3 months, we look forward to your contribution and feedback.


Please also read our Facebook Code of Conduct below; it is important you understand how we believe the facility can be used best.


Our Facebook Page Code of Conduct


Puckapunyal PS Facebook Page Intent


Our intent is to grow our school and communities understanding of social media and to make

connecting with our school more convenient. We wish our content to be more accessible and to also tap into the knowledge and support base of our parent community. Our school’s Facebook page allows our community to keep up to date with activities through a medium preferred by many. The page will allow us to seek your input on issues and to also make us aware of areas where we can improve. But overwhelmingly, our Facebook page is a place where we build our community by building school spirit. We ask that our community accentuate the positives and bring to everyone’s attention the little things that make our school community great.


Using Real Names

All users interacting with the Puckapunyal PS Facebook page, by either liking or commenting on posts must do so using a Facebook account that clearly identifies them by their real name.


Raising Issues and not Including Names

Puckapunyal Primary School is happy to be alerted to issues via its Facebook page but does wish to remind the community that some things are best dealt with privately. The kind of issues that can be raised should be centred around school improvements, generally on infrastructure or processes. Issues involving any of the students or staff must not be raised in the Facebok page. When issues are raised we are happy to see people support the issue via a facebook comment or a ‘like’. We will however not support interactions that incite or fuel overly negative sentiments. We also ask that you do not use the names of our teaching and administration staff, students or any other member of the community in any issues based postings.


When can I use Names in Posts

You can use names in posts when you wish to acknowledge someone’s great work or community

contribution. We wish our Facebook page to be used to build spirit; patting someone on the back

publicly goes a long way to building the school we all want.


How to Interact with the Facebook Page

Initially, users will be able to comment on the school’s postings and on comments by other users.

Users will also be able to ‘like’ a post or comment by clicking on the like button. Users will not be

able to author a posting of their own or load media such as video or photos. User rights will be

reviewed over time and assessments made on liberalising access.


Underage Facebook Users

Puckapunyal Primary School does not endorse children under the 13 year old threshold imposed by Facebook create their own Facebook account. We encourage children under parental supervision to view our school’s facebook page and contribute to content. We believe our communities conduct on our Facebook page will serve as role modelling for our students as to how to behave in social media spaces.


Friending Teachers on Facebook

Our teachers operate under a code of conduct that states that they are to maintain a professional

relationship with students and parents. Please do not seek to Facebook friend our teachers.


Moderation and Blocklisting

Puckapunyal Primary School reserves the right to set the strength level of the Facebook profanity filter and to add additional words and names to the page’s blocklist.


Actions Resulting from any Breaches of the Code of Conduct

Puckapunyal Primary School reserves the right to ban any user from interacting with its Facebook page for breaches of the Code of Conduct.


The Law and Facebook’s Terms

Puckapunyal Primary School Facebook page operates under the Commonwealth Telecommunications Act and Facebook’s Terms.