BYOD Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the school decided to embark on this new technology requirement?


Tablets themselves don’t change education, but if used as part of the learning process, research has shown that they can help to create a school environment that more fully engages students,  fosters creativity and self-led learning, and enhances collaboration. 


What learning problems or challenges does the iPad solve?

  • Access to internet for research/game based learning
  • Another form of supporting students individual needs- reading etc.
  • Engaging some disengaged readers- preference for digital text
  • Supporting struggling readers through audio eBooks
  • Allowing students to access, what they need, when they need it and in a format that suits them


What are the goals for the iPad implementation?

  • Long term, is to have every student have the opportunity to access a device that gives them, what they need, when they need it and in a format that suits them- whether this device be a home provided  iPad, iPod touch, school iPad, laptop or work station
  • Teachers will plan curriculum incorporating the use of devices to enhance what is happening in classrooms. 


Is the school going to review lesson planning to utilise iPads in the classroom and will the use of iPads influence the style of students style of learning (tradition, project-based, game based)?

  • Yes our ultimate goal is for students to be using these devices to work collaboratively and independently to produce evidence of learning in a digital format as well as the current formats used in classrooms


Must my child have a device (iPad or iPad mini)?

  • The short answer to this is 'no'.
  • All classes at Puckapunyal Primary School are part of the BYOD program.  This means that students will be encouraged and supported to bring their own device (preferably and iPad or iPad mini) to school with them each day to support their learning. Available on the website, will be a list of recomended free Apps that teachers will be using the enhance their curriculum planning and delivery.
  • The school will continue to 'roster' the use of the 20 iPad's we have, across all classes to ensure that students have access to these devices at least once a week.


What if I can’t afford to purchase a device?

  • If you cannot for any reason purchase a device for your child to use, they with any other students in their class who do not have a device, will be given the opportunity to access the 20 school devices at least once a week. 


Can my children share a device between them?

  • Children from the same family can share devices between them.  We do suggest that as a family you decide who will take the device each day rather that children sharing them throughout the day.


Can my child bring a differnet type of tablet (eg Samsung)?

  • Yes however, non Apple devices can not be linked onto our servers which means students will not have access to the internet.  Also, when techers are planning curriculum content and delivery, it is with the Apps available on Apple devices as this is the area we are all focussing our developement in. 


Which is better for my child at school– iPad or iPad mini?

  • Both work equally well and in the end it is personal preference which is better for you child/family. The screen is slightly bigger (9.7inch v's 7.9inch on the mini) on the standard ipad. We recommend the 32GB to allow enough storage for the required apps.


Where do I find the list of education application my child will need on their device?