Technology and Devices


Puckapunyal Primary School recognises (as many other schools have) the pace at which smartphones and tablets are now part of everyday life, and the opportunities that these devices offer our education program.

Tablets themselves don’t change education, but if used as part of the learning process, research has shown that they can help to create a school environment that more fully engages students, fosters creativity and self-led learning, and enhances collaboration.


We are consulting widely with experts from industry and other schools on how to best integrate tablets into our school. During the last half of 2013 we began trialling the use of tablets, primarily Apple devices, in some classes.


The technology trial that occured in 2013 proved to be very successful. As a result, Primary School is now a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) school   This means that all classes encourage students to bring their own device, preferably an Apple device, to support their learning. 


Students are asked to bring in an iPad or similar device for use in the classroom. The school has purchased a bank of iPad's that are being used in all classrooms to ensure that every student has the opportunity to access these devices.


We have organised a special program though Apple where families can access discount education prices. To access the online store please use the link.


You can also receive these discounts by visiting a retail outlet and mentioning you are with Puckapunyal Primary School Family Funded Program. They will also setup the school apps for you.

You can also



Students are expected to:                       


  • Bring their device (fully charged) to and from school daily
  • Leave their device in the classroom at all times
  • Not allow other students/siblings to use their device
  • Take full responsibility of looking after the device (damages etc)
  • Download the recommended free Apps (at home) ready for use at school. These lists are available on our website

2018 App Lists



Please do not hesitate to contact Damien Humphrey or your child's teacher if you have any questions. Or visit the 'Frequently Asked Questions' page.