Our Staff

Puckapunyal Primary School offers a comprehensive educational program to cater for the transient population that it serves.  However, with up to 50% turnover each year, no program can ever be regarded as finalised or completed, and the school must constantly attend to its business of developing literacy and numeracy, and all curriculum areas.

Teachers are encouraged to set and expect high standards from their students.  The school is organised along traditional lines with some composite grades as required.

Pride in all aspects of the school’s operation is evident through a genuinely open administration and welcoming classroom environment.

 The school has developed an excellent relationship with the Australian Army, and enjoys an outstanding reputation of  providing for the needs of children of service personnel.  This has led to excellent support to the school in many areas.

A dedicated and professional staff with wide ranging skills and abilities is a vital asset to Puckapunyal Primary School.  A comprehensive Professional Development program for staff ensures that innovative curriculum programs and teaching methods are incorporated into the program.


2018 Staff Members



We are committed to the following strategies:

Encouraging friendship,
 Improving self-concept,
Developing pride in the school,
Promoting sharing, tolerance and compassion,
Developing respect, acknowledging differences,
Applying consistent, logical discipline,
Encouraging responsible play.




2019 Classroom Staff

Room 6 – Sally O’Connor - Foundation - FOC

Room 8 - Mercy O’Meara - Foundation - FOM

Room 10 – Sue Ranger - Years 1/2 - 12 R 

Room 4 - Jane Challis and Aimee Brincat- Years 1/2 C

Room 3 – Matthew Itter and Aimee Brincat- Years 1/2 I

Room 9 - Jaimie McCarthy - Years 1/2 M

Room 11 –  Clinton Donohue - Years 4/5 D

Room 12 - Laura Mundy- Years 3/4 M

Room 13 - Jenny Philp - Years 3/4 P

Room 2 – Robyn Itter - Years 5/6 I
Room 1 – Damien Humphrey - Years 5/6 H


Specialist Staff

Art - Sharon Anderson-Warne

Library - Sharon Anderson-Warne and Peter Roberts

Indonesian - Christine Hooper

Goodger Program - Kevin Warne



Principal - Mr. Kevin Warne

Business Managers - Simone Hall and Andrea Thompson


School Support Staff

Karen Sullivan- Defence School Mentor

Helen Atkinson - Integration Aide

Karen Lewis - Integration Aide

Janice Marshall - Integration Aide
Chris Lewis - Integration Aide
Heather Humphrey - Integration Aide

Steve Herenyi - Technician