National Curriculum


The Federal government and the Australian states and territories agreed to adopt a National Curriculum from 2013. This paves the way for a less painful path for those children and their families as they move from state to state and will ensure a smoother educational transition for our mobile Defence families.


In Victoria, all teachers will be using AusVELs (Victoria's early adaptation of the developing National Curriculum) as our curriculum framework until the end of 2016. The AusVELs curriculum framework provides a single coherent curriculum for years P-10 that incorporates the developing Australian Curriculum within a framework that reflects particular Victorian priorities and approaches to teaching and learning. AusVELS is a set of prescribed content and common achievement standards,which schools use to plan student learning programs, assess student progress and report to parents. It is designed to ensure that teachers are not required to manage two different curriculum and reporting frameworks. The Victorian Curriculum (National Curriculum in Victoria) will frame the school's curriculum form the beginning of 2017.


Each of the AusVELS domains (subjects) is structured by eleven levels associated broadly with the levels of schooling, from Foundation (Prep) to Level 10 (Year 10). The levels represent typical progress of students at key points within the stages of learning. It is recognised that students progress at individual rates and may demonstrate achievement at a particular level earlier or later than typical.


Our school will work hard to ensure success in all classes of the school. We have a very motivated and experienced group of professional teachers who share the responsibility for all students. AusVELs has been designed so that students can work below or beyond the levels according to what their needs are.


To ensure that our children succeed at school, families and teachers need to have open 2-way communication. We need to quickly discuss any concerns as soon as they arise and work towards the same goals. Please do not hesitate to have a chat to your childs teacher at any time.


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Other Areas


We have a strong PE/Sport program operating at all class levels with a variety of sports being catered for including athletics, swimming, football, netball, cricket, cross country, hockey,  t-ball and cycling.  The Area Gym assists us with triathlons and swimming.  The school is affiliated with the Victorian Primary School Sports Association and competes at District, Division, Regional and State level in many of the above sports.


Our Library, Art Room and Indonesian classes have specialised staff who teach all class levels.

Choir is offered to all students.


Tables tests are conducted weekly.


We also have a daily Spelling program for all students and an individualised Mathematics program for Years 3—6.

Homework aims to build a responsible attitude and a purposeful approach to work and achievement. Parents can provide their child with support, advice, time, space and encouragement.


Camps are held annually for students from Years 2-6. The camping program provides an opportunity for our students to explore new environments, and supports the language, physical education, personal development and integrated studies programs.