Documents & Policies

Strategic Plan


As a State Government School, every 4 years the Puckapunyal Primary School signs an agreement with the Minister of School Education, to deliver improved learning outcomes to all students. This contract is called the School Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan makes specific reference to necessary implementation strategies and provides time frames for these processes to occur. 

After the completion of each Strategic Plan the school goes through a review. The review is called the Verification Process where school representatives and an independent reviewer designated by the Department of Education meet and make recommendations for the next Strategic Plan.

We have completed our 2016—2020 Strategic Plan.

PuckapunyalPS Strategic Plan


Information Book


The information Book contains lots of useful information about our school for existing and new families to Puckapunyal.





School Bushfire Management Brief


Families should read the brief and be fully aware of the school’s actions for either a Code Red Day or when a bushfire is threatening in the area. Please do not hesitate to contact the school for any clarification.


12th November 2012 - Bushfire Management Plan Brief



2021 (for 2020) Annual Report


Follow this link to view a copy of the 2020 Annual Report




2021 Annual Implementation Plan


The AIP outlines to schools goals and targets for the current year.




As each Policy is updated and ratified at School Council, we endevour to share them withour community in as many different forms as possible.