Our School Values

Our School Values come under the heading of the 3 R’s


At the beginning of the year, all students participate in the Values Education Program. This enables all students to learn about the values that are most important at our school.


Each week throughout the year, classroom teachers select a student to receive a 'Student of the Week' award that highlights an example of a school value performed well.


Responsibility for self, for learning and for belongings. This includes reliability and striving for excellence (school motto).


  • Being organised
  • Achieving learning goals
  • Being punctual / attendance
  • Effort with a particular learning task

Respect for self, for others and for the environment. This includes tolerance, caring, kindness, integrity and honesty.


  • Respecting differences
  • Respecting other people’s views
  • A specific act of caring and kindness
  • A specific act of honesty


Reassurance of self, abilities, friendships and wellbeing. This includes enthusiasm, confidence and resilience.


  • Showing enthusiasm for a specific thing
  • Showing confidence
  • A specific act of bouncing back from a negative situation (resilience)
  • Positive self talk
  • Helping a friend out
  • Using a good wellbeing strategy- self talk, walking away, etc